CI's T-Class creates a stream of predictable tax-deferred cash flows without sacrificing a choice of investments. T-Class can provide more after-tax cash flow than conventional systematic withdrawal plans based on mutual fund trusts.

No longer are your clients confined to traditional products to fill their cash flow requirement needs.

By using T-Class, your clients can:

  • Customize their payments.

  • Create a predictable, tax-effective stream of monthly cash flow to meet their needs without sacrificing the potential for growth.

  • Allow their investments to continue growing at rates that can potentially match, or outstrip the rate of withdrawal.

  • Choose from over 50 funds, including income, balanced, equity or managed solutions.

T-Class is offered at the targeted annual distribution levels of 5% and 8%. Payments can then be further customized, either by selecting a lower percentage or a fixed dollar amount per month. Clients can request a payment amount equivalent to anywhere between 0.25% and 8% of the value of the fund as of the previous year end.

There is no additional cost for the T-Class option. Please note that T-Class shares also may pay a taxable annual dividend.



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