Your clients have a choice of more than 50 different funds and portfolios that are widely diversified to ensure they won't have to alter their long-term investment objectives.

All funds that have been selected for T-Class have been able to sustain both 5% and 8% distribution options over the long term.

Income CI Global High Dividend Advantage CC
Select Income Advantage Managed CC
Signature Diversified Yield CC
Signature Dividend CC
Signature High Income CC
Balanced Cambridge Canadian Asset Allocation CC
Harbour Growth & Income CC
Harbour Foreign Growth & Income CC
Signature Income & Growth CC
Signature Global Income & Growth CC
Equity CI American Equity CC
CI American Value CC
CI Canadian Investment CC
CI Global CC
CI Value Trust CC
Cambridge Canadian Equity CC
Cambridge Global Equity CC
Harbour CC
Harbour Foreign Equity CC
Signature Select Canadian CC
Signature Select Global CC
Synergy Global CC
Managed Solutions Portfolio Select Series - all one-ticket portfolios

T-Class and Portfolio Series - Balanced, Balanced Growth, Growth and Maximum Growth portfolios

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T-Class and Portfolio Series


T-Class has carefully selected only those funds within the Portfolio Series lineup that provide high levels of capital gains and very little in the way of interest income distributions in order to ensure the most tax-effective outcome.

This means that only balanced and growth portfolios are included. The conservative portfolios were excluded because of the high level of interest distributions.

Note that, all of the portfolios of Portfolio Select Series are available with T-Class because Portfolio Select Series is part of CI Corporate Class.


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